Patch Notes 1.7

Posted by Sam Quino - Community Developer

19 Feb

Dear Darwin Project community,

We’re excited to share the host of improvements we’ve made for Darwin Project’s second and final Open Beta beginning Friday, February 23rd. From the addition of Private Matches to Spectator Interactions on Twitch, there’s a ton to look forward to this weekend.

Read on for the full list of changes!

Scavengers Team

Twitch Spectator Interactions

Darwin Project is designed to not only be a fun battle royale game for players, but also an interactive reality show experience for spectators. Thanks to Twitch Extensions, viewers will now be able to actively take part in their favorite Twitch broadcaster’s show. At any moment,  livestreaming Show Directors can let their viewers vote on the target for powers that affect players or zones.

Choose your Champion & Crowd’s Vote Result – beta

Zone Closing & Voting – beta

Private Matches

One of the most popular requests we received is the ability to play Darwin Project with friends. With Private Matches, you can just give your friends the room password and get set up with a stranger-less match in no time. This system is also great for content creators looking to play with viewers in their chat!

Anti-Cheat System

We have implemented additional security measures against cheaters and hackers.

Show Director Updates

We received some relatively mixed reactions about the Show Director feature after the Open Beta. Many players had fun and positive experiences, as the Show Director themselves or as a player, but some pointed out that the Show Director’s behavior sometimes got in the way of their enjoyment.

We strongly believe in the Show Director’s potential to make Darwin Project matches more exciting and to add a fresh new dimension to the battle royale genre. So we’ll keep reading your feedback thoroughly and iterate on this feature until we perfect it. Here’s what we’ve done so far:

Added a Code of Conduct to Loading Screens

While some people slid into the Show Director drone intuitively and played exactly the way it was intended, as an entertainment-focused role, others did not. Since the Show Director is a feature with no clear precedent, we added Code of Conduct expectations in the form of notes during loading screens.

Show Director Ratings from Players

Each player will be asked to rate their Show Director from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest) stars, based on how fun they made the match and how well they respected the Code of Conduct. At the end of the match, Show Directors will see their rating and will be able to compete in leaderboards to determine who’s the best Director.

Lower Rating Means Fewer Powers

What makes Show Directors unique is their ability to take courses of action and add spice to a match when needed, but their powers can also become a source of frustration when they are not used for good showmanship. During the last Open Beta, for instance, we noticed that some Show Directors were teaming up with their friends to help them win. To hold Show Directors accountable for their performance, they will now lose the ability to use specific powers and/or target specific players if they fall under a 3-star rating.  

Show Director Ratings from Twitch Viewers

Twitch broadcasters who play as the Show Director will accumulate points of popularity from their viewers at the end of a match. Twitch viewers will be prompted to give points to the Show Director if they have the Spectator Interactions Extension enabled. Show Directors will see their popularity and will be able to compete in leaderboards to determine who’s the most popular and loved Director among stream viewers!

Report System

Players can now report others through the pause menu and help us make sure that Darwin Project matches remain free of harassment and other inappropriate conduct.

new game mode

  • Private Matches are now available
    • Select Private Match from the main menu to play with your friends!
    • In Private Matches, no XP is gained and stats are not recorded or posted on the leaderboards
    • In Private Matches, Show Director powers are not restricted by rating
    • In Private Matches, dead players can speak with those still alive

Show Director

  • Twitch Extensions allow Show Directors to let their viewers vote for the following:
    • Crowd favorite (Player)
    • Warm up (Player)
    • Heal (Player)
    • Speed up (Player)
    • Invincibility (Player)
    • Manhunt (Player)
    • Zone closing (Zone)
    • Nuke (Zone)
  • Added Show Director rating system by players
  • Added Show Director rating system by spectators
  • Added Show Director rating leaderboards
  • Added a video explaining how to enable Spectator Interactions using the Twitch Extension
  • Reworked Show Director inertia to make it tighter when decelerating
  • Added selection box on the player you’re following to clarify feedback


  • Created moderator roles
    • Moderators are positive leaders that were hand-picked in the community based on their flawless behavior, commitment, and enthusiasm!
    • If you meet them, say hi! They are here to help make Darwin Project awesome and improve every aspect of it (Some people wearing this outfit are also developers!)

  • Report system
    • Open the pause menu to see the list of players
    • The report button is next to each player
    • Players can be reported for abuse, teaming, and cheating
    • Reported data is collected and stored in our database
  • Microphone icon is now visible in the player’s status bar and in the pause menu to indicate who is speaking
  • Once dead, players can’t speak with living players anymore; instead they will be able to speak with other spectator drones
  • Added Twitch viewer count when a livestreaming Show Director is watching you


  • Fort Town got a makeover

  • The Hilltop Chalet got a makeover

  • Lava Canyon… also got a makeover
    • It is now possible for players who land on pipes or rocks at the bottom of the lava areas to get back to safety

  • Added new bridges and fences throughout 
  • Added more boats scattered around the frozen lakes
  • Covered more of the edge of the arena with rocks
  • Added more round shrubs and removed their collisions


  • General performance optimization
  • Increased resource cost of the Axe Sharpener to 3 leathers + 2 woods
  • Increased resource cost of the Tripwire to 1 leather + 1 wood
  • Snowballs can no longer destroy Turrets


  • New model for the male character
  • New game intro video
  • New loading screen
  • Improved feedback on power cooldown in the toolbar
  • All icons have been reworked for better readability
  • New Player Count and Kill count around the mini-map
  • Armor has been moved close to your health gauge
  • Cold gauge and Stamina gauge in the center reworked for better readability
  • Pause menu reworked to add the social subcategory
  • Craftwheel icons were reworked
  • Name and visual presentation for boost items:
    • Health pack is now called First Aid Kit
    • Warm pack is now called Warm Coffee
    • Speed pack is now called Speed Drink
  • Created the Darwin Project toolbar icon
  • Added alert when a Show Director is arriving in a match
  • Added icon for “Crowd Favorite” vote


  • New lobby music
  • New sudden death music
  • Added crowd sound effects during key moments
    • Lobby
    • Match start
    • Kills
    • End of match
  • Improved all sound effects in the menus
  • Added sound effects when you pick up a clue
  • Added sound effects when you get tracked
  • Added sound effects when you hit another player with a Berserker Arrow
  • New sound effects when using Show Director powers
  • Added music during intro video
  • Add Mute All button in pause menu
  • Add audio option to select input and output source
  • Added lava ambient sound in lava areas
  • Added sound effects to help locate chests


  • Added a 5 matches played requirement before players are able to queue as Show Director
  • Added warm up animation when warming up by a fire
  • Automatically launch Steam when you launch the game
  • Added matches played and average kills stats to the leaderboards
  • Fixed an issue where pressing scroll lock would open the in-game pause menu
  • Fixed an issue where Show Directors or spectators would sometimes get stuck under the map when moving between players
  • Fixed an issue where the Show Director drone could fly into space
  • Fixed an issue where it would be impossible to log out from Twitch or Mixer
  • Fixed an issue where if a Show Director power spectator vote received no votes, the Show Director would remain stuck on screen forever
  • Fixed an issue where players could hear the voice chat during a loading screen
  • Fixed an issue where players could sometimes hear other players speak no matter where they were on the map
  • Fixed an issue where the “cancel” sound effect would play when the Show Director would ask the viewers to vote
  • Fixed an issue where the last kill would not be counted in the end of match screen
  • Fixed an issue where the Show Director would be thrown in the match as a spectator drone (no access to powers) if he arrived too late
  • Fixed an issue where the Show Director would not hear player footsteps
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to press Play while queuing for matchmaking
  • Fixed an issue where if a player opened the pause menu in the lobby while customizing their craftwheel, they would remain stuck on the craftwheel after closing the pause menu
  • Fixed an issue where it would not be possible to pick up a bear trap before first walking away from it
  • Fixed an issue where Muting / Unmuting using the pause menu would not be reliable
  • Fixed an issue where a muted player in a match would still appear muted after joining a new lobby
  • Fixed an issue where the Manhunt would be resolved without the Manhunt target being killed
  • Fixed an issue where it would not be possible to jump through specific windows