Patch Notes 1.8.1

Posted by Sam Quino - Community Developer

15 Mar

Dear Darwin Project community,

Thanks again for an awesome launch! Today’s patch notes aren’t quite as meaty as usual, but rest assured that we’ve been busy planning upcoming content. In case you missed it during yesterday’s Darwin Project Invitational, we’ll have a status update about Duos mode for you next week! 

Here’s what’s new in the next Steam patch that drops Tuesday, March 20 with the weekly leaderboard reset at 7:00 PM UTC.

Read on for the full list of changes!

Scavengers Team

female character

The female character is now fully tested and ready to hop into the arena! Here’s a sneak peek:

User Interface

  • Added tooltips for Spectator votes that disappear after the feature is used



  • Added sound effect when a vote starts (previously only heard by the Show Director)



  • Lowered the light intensity of the Show Director drone



  • To keep you updated in real time with important information, we developed a tool to display in-game news. Those news will be visible in the main menu.


  • Fixed an exploit where players could use infinite Speed Drinks and Warm Coffees during the Manhunt cutscene
  • Fixed an issue where the Twitch and Mixer match viewer number would count dead players twice