Patch Notes 1.8.2

Posted by Jessica Beaudoin

29 Mar

Dear Darwin Project community,

We’ll be updating to version 1.8.2 this Friday to coincide with the start of our second Duos Test Weekend. (We hope to settle on a regular patch schedule soon; thanks for your patience!)

On top of the Duos Test Weekend, you can look forward to a limited-time Easter Egg Hunt as well as some continued fixes and improvements.

Here are the changes coming to Steam Friday, March 30 at 4 PM UTC.

We’re working hard to get the Xbox One version caught up with the latest Steam updates and look forward to synchronizing future patches as soon as we can!

Read on for all the details!

Scavengers Team


We’ve made the following tweaks to Duo Mode following the first Test Weekend:

  • Your ally now has a name displayed over their head
  • Ally trap UI is now green instead of white to differentiate from yours
  • Tracking clues while spectating the match once your ally has died is now done by pressing F
  • The bell sound now plays when your ally dies (combined with a UI message to warn you they are dead) and not when an enemy team dies

Be sure to buddy up and take part in the second Test Weekend starting March 30!


Starting tomorrow, resources and clues aren’t the only things you’ll have to look out for as you hunt down other inmates in the arena. The Easter Egg Hunt runs from Friday, March 30 after maintenance to Friday, April 6. Full information about the event here.


  • The Official Rating will now reset every two weeks instead of weekly (with the next reset being Tuesday, April 10). That’s twice as much time to try to make it to the top 100! Use it wisely.
  • Added Easter Egg collection leaderboards


  • The Show Director now automatically switches to the next player when the followed player dies
  • Killing a deer will now heal 100 HP
  • Berserk Arrows can now only stack up to a maximum 30 seconds of infinite stamina
  • Reduced the Hunter Arrow clue duration from 10 seconds to 5 seconds

User Interface

  • Changed the position of tooltips that were appearing over the crosshair
  • All tooltips will now stop appearing after five matches played
  • Added a Play Again button on the end game screen


  • Reduced red sound wave effects range by 30%


  • Improved authentication and reduced the number of “authentication failed” errors
  • Female character optimization
  • Footprint optimization
  • Fixed an issue where Sudden Death was triggered if the Show Director closed the final zone
  • Fixed an issue with Spectator Interactions on Mixer and Twitch sometimes not working correctly during a long livestream
  • Fixed an issue where voice chat would sometimes stay enabled after disconnecting from a match