Patch Notes 1.8

Posted by Keane - Lead Designer

07 Mar

Dear Darwin Project community,

Today’s patch notes are shorter since we’ve been working heavily on our Xbox One build to complete the final steps before launch. But that’s not to say the Early Access improvements aren’t significant!

We listened to you and reduced the number of players required to start a Private Match. We also made a huge improvement to the Spectator Interactions feature! When you stream Darwin Project starting on Friday, your viewers will be able to cast their votes even if you’re not playing as the Show Director.

As always, thank you for your fantastic support! See you in the arena this Friday, March 9 at 3 PM EST for the Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview launch!

Read on for the full list of changes!

Scavengers Team


Spectator interactions


Cross-Livestream update

Spectators watching contestants and Show Directors on both Mixer and Twitch can now vote on the same match.

Viewers who are tuned into each player’s stream are now able to vote on the decision of the Show Director in a match. Previously, only viewers of the Show Director’s stream could vote on this. Learn more here.

As long as at least one player in the match is connected to Twitch in Darwin Project and has our Twitch Extension installed, the Show Director in this match will have the option to ask the Spectators to vote. The viewers of each player’s stream, if these streams have the Twitch Extension enabled, will then be able to participate in votes called by the Show Director.

(On Mixer, no extensions need to be installed. Viewers tuning in to the Show Director and contestants’ streams on Mixer can vote directly on the stream they are watching).

Harness the power of your viewers and influence them to vote on the decisions you want to see!


New Menu

We updated the flow for enabling Spectator Interactions. Just press “Connect to Twitch or Mixer” in the Main Menu to start the process and bring your viewers in the experience!



OTHER ImprovementS

  • Added health and cold bar to vote interface
  • Added Steam avatar to vote interface
  • Vote interface now disappears after viewers cast their vote


Xbox Build

*Darwin Project will only be available digitally at launch and we created the above image only to make ourselves feel good.

We finished the final steps for our Xbox launch and were able to confirm that we’ll release the game on Steam and Xbox One simultaneously! Darwin Project will be playable on the Xbox One family of systems this Friday, March 9 at 3 PM EST. Our Xbox community joining on Friday will be able to play a two-hour free demo as part of the Game Preview program.


Private Matches

We received a lot of feedback during the last Open Beta regarding the number of players required to start a Private Match. Fret not! We reduced number of players required to start a Private Match from 10 down to just 2! Of course, we still strongly encourage players to find more people from the community and play matches with a full 10-player lobby.


  • The Official Rating will reset every Tuesday at 7 PM UTC. Keep fighting to be the best champion each week!


  • Added a Report button at the end of the match.


  • Mouse sensitivity
    • We reduced the default mouse sensitivity from 50 to 30. This change should make aiming the bow a little more stable for new players.


  • Visual effect optimization
    • The BoomShroom tech will no longer cause FPS drops.



  • Show Director powers
    • Added a confetti effect around the contestant chosen as the Crowd Favorite.





  • Fixed an issue with Mixer Spectator Interactions when viewers would vote at the exact same time
  • Fixed an issue where the zone closing vote would not work
  • Fixed some issues with key rebinding
  • Fixed an issue where the snowball kill voice-over was missing