Create or Join Darwin Project Competitions Using GameOn Tournament Organizer

Create or Join Darwin Project Competitions Using GameOn Tournament Organizer

Posted by Sam Quino - Community Developer

24 Oct

Hello inmates,

We’re excited to announce that Darwin Project supports Amazon’s newly revealed GameOn Tournament Organizer, a Twitch Extension that empowers creators to build community by seamlessly hosting tournaments with GameOn-enabled games.

If you are a broadcaster on Twitch, you can install this new Extension to quickly create Darwin Project tournaments for you and your viewers. Just choose how long you want your tournament or friendly competition to run, set a maximum number of attempts, and interested players can register in-game before seeing how they measure up against you and other participants.

A panel displaying details and leaderboards for your tournaments will appear on your Twitch channel. If you decide to make your tournament private, only viewers who obtain the password that you distribute from this panel on your Twitch channel will be able to register. As soon as your tournament wraps, you can start a new one!

GameOn Tournament Organizer is a separate Extension from the official Darwin Project Spectator Experience, and both can be enabled on your Twitch channel at the same time.


If you’re a viewer on Twitch watching a Darwin Project stream and want to join competitions with Darwin Project broadcasters, just launch Darwin Project (remember, it’s a free download on Steam and Xbox One), click Twitch Tournaments in the main menu, find the tournaments organized by your favorite broadcasters, and choose Join!

Note: Before you can join your first tournament, you’ll have to link your Twitch account by entering a code in-game. Follow the instructions on screen to complete this step (it only needs to be completed once).

Once you’ve entered a tournament, play Darwin Project Solo matches as an inmate to register your score automatically (Private Matches will not be supported by default). Keep in mind that tournament length and maximum number of attempts can vary, as those are selected by the Twitch streamer. The player with the highest cumulative score at the end of the tournament wins.

Scoring is detailed in the Twitch Tournaments menu, but will look familiar to anyone who’s watched Darwin Project Invitationals in the past. Players receive a base amount of points according to their rank in a match, and bonus points are added for kills, lava kills, and snowball kills. Those total points make up your score for a given match, which corresponds to one attempt.

You can view the leaderboards at any time, even if the tournament has ended, by going to the Twitch streamer’s channel.

If you’re a player who would like to become more involved in the Darwin Project community, don’t hesitate to click the Twitch Tournaments button in the main menu to see the active competitions. It’s a great way to discover talented Darwin Project Twitch streamers while testing your skills!

You can create and join tournaments with GameOn Tournament Organizer whether you play Darwin Project on Steam or Xbox One.

To celebrate GameOn Tournament Organizer’s launch right in time for TwitchCon, we have created a tournament named TwitchCon Weekend that anyone can compete in between October 25 and October 28. Jessica and Sam from the studio will also be on-site at TwitchCon, so be sure to say hi if you see us!

Scavengers Team