Cross-Livestream Spectator Interactions

Cross-Livestream Spectator Interactions

Posted by Simon Darveau - Creative Director

07 Mar

Dear Darwin Project Community,

Simon Darveau here, Creative Director on Darwin Project. We’ve come such a long way since 2015. Back then, the battle royale genre was not as well-known as it is today. PUBG and Fortnite: Battle Royale were not yet announced. Mixer did not exist. Our team consisted only of Amélie and I, and our headquarters was her small apartment in Montreal. We didn’t have any funding, nor a development team to back us up.

But in there, we created what would become the blueprint for Darwin Project: a survival game where human social interaction is at the core, and where, just like in a reality show, viewers can interact with the game so that players must take them into account while playing.

The vision for Darwin Project has always been rooted in that same design doc, even years after its conception. We want it to be a game that brings people together and forces players to hone their social skills, instead of taking that experience away like many other video games do. However, we did not realize the full potential of this feature until just recently.

The cross-livestream feature update stems from last week’s second Open Beta. We received many positive reactions about the Spectator Interactions feature from players, Show Directors, and spectators alike. While watching the streams, however, we realized that no matter how interesting and entertaining the Show Director was, most of the streamers were playing as contestants, and around 90% of the match viewers were tuned in to their streams. This means that 90% of viewers were not being taken into account.

Now, every player can connect to Twitch or Mixer, and enable their viewers to cast their votes every time a Show Director calls for one―even if the Show Director isn’t streaming!

During the Open Beta, only the Show Director’s viewers could vote, leaving the players’ viewers unengaged.

For the Early Access version, all viewers across all streams will be able to cast their votes.

Players will also be able to see the aggregated amount of spectators watching their match across all streams when they enter the lobby. This way, players can rally their own fans and supporters, or convince others’ to switch over and join them.

This new feature update certainly opens up new horizons for us and we’re super excited to explore how far we can bring this idea. As always, we’ll continue improving Darwin Project with the help of our extremely supportive community. So go ahead, give Spectator Interactions a try and tell us what you think!