Darwin or Die is a new monthly community event open to all Darwin Project players, scheduled every third weekend of the month (Saturdays on PC and Sundays on Xbox One) at 2:00 to 4:00 PM ET. Unlike the Top 100 Showdowns, it is a show designed to not only highlight players’ abilities, but also create the most entertaining and interactive experience for the viewers. Think Hunger Games or Running Man! It is a wild, no-holds-barred Darwin Project romp where mics are required! The winner will be rewarded the exclusive King Momo Hat, which they will have the privilege to wear only until the next month when the King Momo Hat will once again be up for grabs.

We’ll be activating all of Darwin Project’s available Spectator Interactions on Twitch and will be highly interactive for Xbox contestants, so expect viewers to be able to influence the matches in all sorts of spectacular ways.

Players, be warned: It will be unfair, unpredictable, and incredibly fun!


  • Registration is open to all Darwin Project players, and will be announced on our official social media channels every time. To register, use the form below. You will need to record a 30 to 50 second video in which you explain why you should be a participant in Darwin or Die. You can use anything that you think would help convince others to vote for you (a poem, song, your best gameplay highlights, a picture of your cat…) as long as they are appropriate, and provide us a link to this video.


  • We will also need a link to a PNG image showing your in-game outfit that you will be using for the event if selected, along with your Steam64 ID or Gamertag. Once you register, please do not change your username so we can easily verify your profile and validate your registration.


  • The Registration Period will last for 4 days, after which eligible audition submissions will be curated for voting. Remember that the video you submit, as well as your behavior in the arena should you be selected, must comply with the Darwin Project Code of Conduct. Note that the event will be held in Private Matches, and the corresponding rules will apply. Ineligible audition pieces will be deleted, and will thus not make it into the Voting Period.


  • The Voting Period will last for another 4 days, wherein other inmates can vote for their chosen Darwin or Die participants. Inmates can cast 1 vote per day.


  • When the voting period ends, the nine inmates with the highest number of votes on PC and Xbox One will be invited to participate. The tenth slot will go to the winner of the previous Darwin or Die event to give them a chance to defend their title. In the case of a tie, whoever posted their registration first will be selected. We will be reaching out through Discord, so please make sure to check your messages during the Selection Period.


  • If selected, you will be required to be ready at 1:30 PM ET on the day of the event you are selected for.

Scavengers Studio may make changes to the Darwin or Die Gameshow event at any time.


Registration for this month is closed. You may vote for the player you'd like to participate in the following links: