Darwin Project on Xbox One Becomes Free on July 4

Darwin Project on Xbox One Becomes Free on July 4

Posted by Simon Darveau - Creative Director

20 Jun


Simon Darveau here, Creative Director on Darwin Project. We are super excited to make Darwin Project free on Xbox One and open up our arena to lots more inmates! We’ve rounded up a few responses to common questions about this switch:

Is Darwin Project now really free on Steam and Xbox One?

Yes, starting July 4. Note that the game will be available on the Xbox store until Friday, June 22. We will then remove Darwin Project from the store to proceed to the transition to free-to-play on July 4. (UPDATE: Removal from the store took effect Monday, June 25).

I bought the game already. Since it’s free now, will I be compensated?

If you own Darwin Project, you’ll receive the Founder’s Pack. Here’s what it contains:


Is it too late to get my hands on the Founder’s Pack?

If you’re reading this before June 25, you still have a bit of time to purchase Darwin Project before it is removed from the store. Thanks for your support!


Will Darwin Project become pay-to-win?

No. We will never sell items that give a competitive advantage.

Are you doing anything else to improve Darwin Project on Xbox One?

Absolutely! We’re working on optimizing the Xbox One version as well as adding the last few patches in order to catch up to the Steam version. And yes, that includes the Invite Friend option in Duo Mode! Stay tuned for more details. UPDATE: Patches 1.11.1 through 1.12 are coming to Xbox One Friday, June 29. Maintenance will begin at 8:30 AM EDT / 12:30 PM UTC and is expected to last about one hour.

Check out our Summer Roadmap video for a glimpse at what else is in the works for Darwin Project on Steam and Xbox One, including the Tile Mapping system.

See you and ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS in the arena!

Scavengers Team