Major Customization Update Coming Tuesday, April 24

Major Customization Update Coming Tuesday, April 24

Posted by Sam Quino - Community Developer

18 Apr

From the first chance inmates received to proudly place hats―yes, even strange egg-shaped hats―on their Dressing Room shelves, we noticed a change in inmate behavior marked by an increase in motivation. Some inmates have even taken to doing their neighbours’ chores on the promise of an old hat alone.

This, combined with viewer complaints about the visually homogeneous nature of the orange jumpsuit, led us to abolish the dress code.

Let’s get right down to the customization improvements coming very soon to Darwin Project.

Tuesday, April 24 on Steam and Xbox One, we’re overhauling the progression system to give you the ability to earn a variety of cosmetic items as you level up. This means that when Tuesday’s update goes live, which is expected to happen at 12:00 PM EDT (4:00 PM UTC), you will be reset to Level 1. Don’t worry: none of your career stats like Official Rating and Games Played will be affected.

UPDATE: We’re still on track for Tuesday on Steam, but are now aiming for Friday, April 27 on Xbox One. Stay tuned to our official channels for the latest updates.

As you play Darwin Project matches and gain Fans, you’ll occasionally receive Fan Gifts. Open these packages to discover new styles for your clothes or weapons. We hope you’re excited to start expanding your collection because we’re adding over 200 items on Tuesday, with more coming later!

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the items you’ll be able to unlock and show off in the arena very soon:

Look forward to new hairstyles and facial customization options soon as well. For now, unlockable cosmetics will be limited to items wearable by contestants, but we’re not forgetting about all the Show Directors out there! This is just the start of our efforts to make the Darwin Project arena a more fashionable place to carry out the manhunt.

For more information and a deeper look into what we’ve got in store, tune in to our devstream Friday, April 20 at 2 PM EDT: We’ll be answering some of your questions related to customization and other recent updates. Submit your questions here ahead of time:

See you in the arena!

Scavengers Team