** Patch Announcement **

** Patch Announcement **

Posted by Simon Darveau - Creative Director

05 Oct

Dear supporters!

First of all, we want to thank you for your patience, loyalty & feedback. You might not realize it, but your continued presence every Thursday has been a tremendous source of motivation for the dev team – it really encourages us to keep pushing and make this game something unique & awesome!

As you may have noticed, we’ve been working these last few weeks to push many new gameplay features, leaderboard and progression system.  We’re now getting closer to ALPHA and it is now, more than ever, super important to hear what you think so we can improve the game accordingly, all the way until early access!

One important point you’ll notice: there are now 12 players in each match!  We’ve received lots of feedback regarding this topic to the point that we decided to finally test it – and we’d very much like to have your input on this specific question. Please let us know what you think your optimal number of players is for the current map.

We will also reset all stats and leaderboards as we are introducing a new rating system – which is still Work In Progress. Please, don’t get too attached to your scores and stats as it might happen again in the next few weeks!

Final note: The game is very demanding from a performance perspective right now: we are well aware of it and will fix it as soon as possible!

Can’t wait to meet (kill) you in the arena 🙂




Increased number of Players in a match to 12

  • We had a lot of feedback on this topic
  • This is just a test for now; please let us know what you think



Created leveling system

  • Players are rewarded Fans (XP) at the end of each match
  • Leveling up awards you Fan Mail which unlocks new character customization options for you.


Added Official Rating in the Leaderboard

  • The Official Rating is adjusted by your ranking at the end of the match and when you kill an opponent.
  • The point gains is scaled by the rating of the other players in the match.
  • In other words, the higher the rating of the opponent you kill, the more you go up (and vice versa, the higher the rating of the people who kill you, the less points you lose.)
  • This formula and rankings in the pre-alpha are not final! We will continue to iterate on the formula.


New Arrow Types – Player can select which he uses when customizing his CraftWheel

  • Basic Arrows give 5 free arrows when starting the match
  • Fire Arrows have a short combat range, but deal + 50 damage
  • Hunter Arrows grant a 10 second clue when you hit your opponent
  • Berserk Arrows give you infinite stamina for 10s (cuz you’re angry as hell, berserker!)
  • Sniper Arrows are fast moving long range arrows that allow users to aim with a scope. You can zoom further using the Mouse Wheel


New Tools

  • Smoke Bomb (Cost: 1 Wood + 1 Leather)
    • Smoke bomb blocks vision, breaks any opponent tracking you and erases all foot steps in a 50 meter radius
  • Snow Ball (Cost: Free)
    • Causes 25% cold damage + can be used to put out fires (we are Canadian after all)
  • Alliance Flag (Cost: Free)
    • Used to offer an alliance to other players (replace R command, so it’s sort of an alliance nerf)


New Passives

  • Hunter Coat (Bonus on clues)
  • Ghost Coat (The clues on YOU last shorter)
  • Runner Coat (Stamina conservation)
  • Hunter Boots (Run faster when you have clues on people)
  • Evader Boots (Run faster when people have clues on you)
  • Killer Axe (More heal bonus per kill)


Inventory bar logic & ergonomy refactor

  • Now you decide to which key your item will be bound by choosing which craft wheel slot you assign them
  • Electronic Powers are bind to R, F and G to maximize how many buttons you can reach while pressing WASD
  • Traps and tools are on 1, 2, 3
  • Packs are on 4, 5, 6


New customization options (hunter skins, ski bow, tech bow, etc)


Map Update

  • Buried village and Broken Bridge have been improved – Better environment and gameplay!


New menus visual

  • Jail cell: menu now takes place in a 3D environment which showcase player’s confinement


Customization interface

  • Graphic design overhauled
  • Items are now represented with thumbnail
  • Removed Equip button. Click on thumbnail to equip a new item if it is unlocked


Refactored animation system

  • Character navigation and axe combat now have full body animation


Add toggle to talk button on TAB



  • Nerfed bear trap (Damage 100, duration 6s)
  • Changed cage cost to 1 wood (and nerfed hp, it takes 10 axe swings now rather than 20)
  • Tripwire now causes opponent to trip (3s interrupts aim and axe swing) + changed cost to 1 leather
  • Changed rigged chest cost to 1 leather
  • Nerfed turret: takes 2 seconds to deploy + doesn’t detect enemy players though collision anymore
  • Upgraded turret visual
  • Removed the concept of ”Under armor” damage (traps break your armor)
  • Jump through window into the bottom of the world is fixed (knock on wood)
  • Stam pack and speed boost consumable have been combined into one item but the duration is decreased from 30s to 15s and the speed from 25% to 20%
  • Reduced Show Director shield duration from 30s to 20s
  • Reduced Show Director speed boost duration from 30s to 20s
  • Reduced Axe swing range by 10%
  • Reduced resource detector cooldown from 60s to 30s
  • Improved the loot formula on dead body (it’s like taxes, but fun!)
  • Replaced quickest win leaderboard with First Blood
  • Removed alliance flag from R (it is now a craftable item)
  • New sounds
  • Trip wire and cages are now destructible (you won’t trip on the wire if you swing at it, but you’ll still trigger the alarm!)
  • Axe swing is not blocked by collision anymore
  • Cameras are placed in the world. They do nothing to you. Big brother just want to watch.


Bug Fixes

  • Turrets do not shoot through collisions
  • PowerLeap while falling works normally
  • You cannot over-craft stuff and go into negative ressources
  • You cannot swing your axe while looting a dead body
  • Fix some stats in career page : Clue Time, Manhunt Survived
  • Dead bodies do not trigger traps anymore
  • Launching yourself in the lava will not give you first blood
  • Fixed dead body gravity, the dead fall back on the ground like the rest of us living folks.
  • Fixed voice chat (no more stuttering)
  • Headshot stat is now calculated with shot fired instead of shot landed
  • Lava pipe in north west tile now has proper collision (there are no warp zones though)