** Patch announcement**

** Patch announcement**

Posted by Simon Darveau - Creative Director

12 Oct

Dear supporters,

The biggest change this week is that the amount of players has been reduced from 12 to 10 and here’s why.

The Darwin Project gameplay has 3 dimensions: crafting, hunting and combat. Our combat gameplay really shines when these three aspects come together.

The reason we increased the amount of players from 8 to 12 last week was to address a very frequent feedback we received from new players that the game density / pacing / amount of players felt too low.

But with 12 players, the combat gameplay became too predominant and it reduced significantly the importance of strategy and all the tools we developed for it (in fact matches tended to feel like one long fight) .

For this week’s playtest, we’ll try a 10 players version of the game to gain further insight on how the number of players impacts the game dynamics. We’ve already played a few matches with the dev team and it seems like a cool spot as it feels like it balances the strategic core we developed while also increasing the density enough to make the early match a bit more exciting.

Also…  We nerfed the sniper arrow!

Thank you Bloodymero for killing everyone like rabbits for 2 hours last week’s playtest!

  • Reduced number of players from 12 to 10
  • Removed blood pact power from Show Director (don’t worry, it will be back later!)
  • Reduced smoke bomb size and duration by 50%
  • Reduced sniper arrow speed
  • Removed x4 zoom from sniper arrow
  • Sniper arrow zoom does not reset anymore to x1 after each shot
  • The amount of money you get from a duplicate in mail box now properly appears
  • Picking up your own trap is now at the bottom of the action priority list