**Patch announcement**

**Patch announcement**

Posted by Simon Darveau - Creative Director

17 Aug

Hello dear early adopters!

I know it’s been a while since our last update, but hopefully it’s juicy enough to be worth the wait!

With this patch, we have 3 main objectives.

1- Turn our demo into a full game

To do that, we are adding new features that will give players more options, both visually and gameplay wise – thus more replayability.

2- Grant Powers to the Show Director!

We’ve been teasing the press for so long with this idea, it’s about time we reveal some of it! Until the feature is ready, we’re only granting access to a few lucky players so they can start experimenting with it!

Don’t be surprised if some epic event happens during your next playtest…  also, let us know what you think!

3- Ignite competition in the community

One of the main drivers that keeps us replaying in the studio is the handmade leaderboard we posted on the wall…  It’s about time we get a real one inside the game!

Wanna know how accurate Juicy really is with his bloody arrows?  Wondering who’s better between ZeakQ and Alfonsay?  Well starting today, we’re keeping track of everything…  Take a look at the career button in the main menu!

See you tonight…  In the Arena!

And remember the 2 most important survival tips:

1- Don’t Freeze to Death

2- Stay away from BloodyMero


Maximum number of players in a match is increased from 7 to 8.

New Feature : Customizable Craft Wheel (Players can choose which items he can craft during a match)

  • The Craft Wheel can be customized in the lobby
  • The wheel is now split in 4 parts : Basic, Passive, Tools and Electronics.

To customize: click on an item in your Craft Wheel and choose a replacement

New Passives


  • Hunter boots
    • Increases clue duration.
    • Speed bonus when running towards your clue target.
  • Ninja boots
    • Reduces foot step duration.
    • Reduces opponent’s clue duration on you.



  • Fur coat
    • Increases cold resistance.
  • Sport Outfit
    • Reduces stamina consumption rate.
    • Increases stamina recovery rate.



  • Piercing Arrow
    • Increases arrow damage.
  • Lumberjack
    • Increases harvest speed.
    • Increases craft speed.

New Electronic powers (They are all reusable after cooldown)

  • Radar
    • Reveals players and traps around you.
  • Detector
    • Reveals resources, deer, and loot boxes around you.
  • Power Leap
    • Super jump on a cooldown.
  • Arena
    • Creates an impenetrable dome around you. No one can get in or out.
  • Turret
    • Creates a turret that detects and shoots players in range.

New Tools

  • Rigged chest (fake lootbox)
    • Deals damage
    • Reveals the victim
  • Tripwire
    • A wire that reveals the victim to everyone
  • Cage
    • Cages the victim! Can be destroyed with your axe or arrows.

New Skin Customization

  • The female character is temporarily offline for improvements
  • New skin: Kronos
  • New axe: Shovel! (very useful for snow plowing)
  • New colors for the basic suit.

New Feature : Show Director Powers

  • VIP only feature (for now!)
  • The Show Director can now execute Powers.
    • Hold Shift to bring up the Show Director Power menu.
    • Each Power costs Energy points that accumulate over time.
    • To use a Show Director power, drag the Card and release it on target player or zone.

Show Director Power Cards:

  • Warm up : Fully warm the target player.
  • Hurry up : Boost target player speed + grants infinite stamina for 30s.
  • Electronic pylon : Activates target electronic pylon.
  • Heal up : Heal 300 HP to target player.
  • Zone closing : Close target zone.
  • Invincibility : Target player is invincible for 20s.
  • Man Hunt : Target player is visible to all other player for 150s. Killing him is rewarded with a Golden Loot Box.  If the ManHunted player survives the duration, he gets the reward instead.
  • Gravity Storm : Reduce drastically the gravity on the whole map #PlayersWillBeFlyingAround
  • NUKE : Deploy a nuclear missile on target zone that kills all players still there when it lands.

Leaderboard & Player Profile

  • Players can now see their stats in the Career page.
  • After completing at least 3 games, players can appear in various Leaderboards (such as Win Ratio, Total Kill, Quickest Win…) and compare themselves with others.


  • Waygates: Teleporter portal allows player to move from the outside edge of a tile to the outside edge of the opposite tile.
  • Indian village is revamped into a Summer Camp – Enjoy the summer while it lasts.
  • Buried village and Canyon is improved – Wider area to navigate and better sense of direction.
  • New foliage types have been added to the level.
  • Resource distribution is re-balanced to have a roughly equal amount per zone.


  • Jump curve has been improved to feel less “floaty”.
  • New player animations (such as Axe Chopping, Running).
  • Funnier voice-lines in the lobby.
  • Players no longer regenerate to the nearest 100 HP segment.
  • Reduced axe block window.
  • Crafting a passive bonus items (Boots, Coat, Armor) will change the look of your character.
  • Looting a dead player now gives you raw resources converted based on his equipment level rather than the equipment themselves.
  • Using Health Pack now takes 3s, up from 1s.
  • Voice chat is now disabled for Spectators and Dead Players.
  • Cold no longer kills you instantly when it reaches 0. Instead you start losing HP every 2s.
  • Decreased speed boots bonus to 20% when fully upgraded, down from 25%.
  • First Blood : Every match, the first player to get a kill is rewarded with an electronic resource.
  • Players can now pick up their traps.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that occasionally made players fall under the map when jumping through a window.
  • Fixed a bug in the menu that occasionally told you the servers were closed even if they were open.
  • Fixed crashes due to directX when loading main menu.
  • Fixed crashes if 2 players joined as Show Director at the same time.

Known Issues

  • Joining as a Spectator is currently disabled.
  • The game sometimes hangs if you press Alt-Tab.