Say Hello to Skill-Based Matchmaking

Say Hello to Skill-Based Matchmaking

Posted by Simon Darveau - Creative Director

23 Mar

Dear Darwin Project community,

This week, we’ve been hard at work preparing a first version of Duos for the Weekend Test running from today, March 23 through Monday, March 26. Duo Mode has been the most requested feature from the Darwin Project community since the Early Access launch, but we also noticed a rapidly increasing skill disparity between new players and experienced players, and we felt that an update to our matchmaking system was needed to improve the gameplay experience for both groups.

Players just starting out in the arena should still have a fighting chance, especially on Steam where some inmates have been practicing since the Closed Alpha days and have reached brutal levels of skill. It’s important for us that Darwin Project be as welcoming as possible, and to motivate new players to continue improving and refining their techniques, we want to avoid placing them in the same match as highly experienced players when possible. Asking those good players to become less good didn’t seem like a sound plan of action.

We’ve now improved Darwin Project’s matchmaking logic to dynamically organize and match players with others of similar skill level. In its current form, this skill-based matchmaking system becomes more accurate the more players are active at a time.

This improvement is live now on PC and Xbox One, but keep in mind that it’s just a first iteration and we will refine it over time. We’re able to update parameters of this algorithm quite fast, so please leave us your feedback on Discord or our other official channels! As with Darwin Project’s other features, we’re looking forward to fine-tuning the matchmaking with your help.

Scavengers Team