[UPDATED] Top 100 Showdown Rules and Guidelines

[UPDATED] Top 100 Showdown Rules and Guidelines

Posted by Audrey Mercier-Couture

20 Mar

Eligibility and Registration

The Top 100 Showdown is a monthly community event open only for eligible Darwin Project players who place in the top 100 of the Official Rating leaderboards prior to the resets. Resets are every first of the month.

Note that numerous violations of the Code of Conduct may make players ineligible for the event.

The Showdowns usually run on the weekends following each reset, with at least 4 days in between. This means that if the reset falls on a day beyond Tuesday of that week (i.e. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday), the Showdown will then be held during the next weekend, instead of the one immediately following reset day. The Showdowns are held on Saturdays for Steam players, and Sundays for Xbox players at 2:00 PM Eastern Time. Registration ends on Friday at 3:00 PM Eastern Time. Sign-up links specific to each Showdown will be provided in-game.

Registering multiple accounts is strictly forbidden and may be subject to account suspension.

Players will need to provide their correct Steam64 ID* or Gamertag and complete Discord username in order to be verified. Incorrect information will be unverified and will result in ineligibility.

Players must join the Official Darwin Project Discord server for correspondence and their Discord username should match their Steam username or Xbox Gamertag. Please provide us your complete Discord ID (e.g. Username#0000). Otherwise, we won’t be able to verify your registration and won’t be able to include you in our final list of players.

Once verified, we will be reaching out to you on Discord to confirm your registration, and give you access to the event announcements and general chat channels.

Players must check-in at least one hour before the matches start to confirm their attendance. Failure to check-in after 1 PM ET Eastern Time automatically disqualifies the player from joining the preliminary matches.

*How to find your Steam64 ID:

  1. Open up your Steam client and choose View, then click Settings
  2. Choose Interface and check the box that reads, “Display Steam URL address when available”
  3. Click OK
  4. Click on your Steam Profile Name and select View Profile. Your Steam64 ID will be listed in the URL at the top left.



Scavengers Studio will consider Show Directors who place in the top 20 of the Average Prestige leaderboards to direct the Showdown events (The Average Prestige leaderboard follows the same reset schedule as the Official Rating leaderboard. To see when the next reset occurs, check the bar above the leaderboards). Placing in the top 20 is not a guarantee that you will be selected, and Scavengers may ask you for a broadcast clip before making a decision. You must own a channel on a broadcasting platform such as Twitch and Mixer in order to be eligible for this role, and you must be able to broadcast in English. Consistent usernames across Discord, Steam, and your channel will facilitate the process of contacting you.



To ensure full matches, eligible players who placed in positions 101-150 prior to the leaderboards reset will be invited to participate as stand-ins for the event. Stands-in need to register, and are waitlisted on a first-come first-served basis. Stands-in will be bracketed according to their preferred servers only if available. Community Managers will notify stand-in players through Discord at least 10 minutes before the start of a match, so it is important for stand-in players to be online for the duration of the event.


Servers And Bracketing

For the preliminary matches, players will be bracketed according to their servers. This will be generated randomly, however, and we cannot guarantee that all players will be bracketed in their preferred server, as this would depend on the player count as well.

The final bracketing will be announced on Discord at least 30 minutes before the matches begin, along with their server, Show Director, and the Show Director’s stream link.


Disconnection and game Crashes

In case of disconnection or game crashes, the matches will be asked to restart only if there haven’t been any kills achieved yet in the game. Otherwise, the matches will resume. Please make sure your internet connection and PC are both stable prior to the event.



Players must be ready for their match 30 minutes beforehand. A roll call will be conducted by a moderator, and the player should respond to them through a DM on Discord to confirm their attendance. If a player fails to respond after three attempts, they are automatically disqualified from the match, which will proceed even with less players. In the event that there are players missing to fill up matches, slots may be opened to stand-in.

There will be three consecutive preliminary matches for each bracket, and the top 10 players will proceed to the finals. The finalists will have to be in our designated voice chat on discord during the entire finals.

The final servers will be decided using the following system:

  • If there are a minimum of 3 NA-West players that made it to the finals they will get their own bracket. Example: 3 NA-West, 4 EU, 3 NA-East would result in: 1 NA-West, 1 EU, 1 NA-East.
  • If the finalists are split in 4 – 6 or 5 – 5 between EU and NA we’ll have 4 games, 2 EU 2 NA-East.
  • If there is 7 or more from either EU or NA we’ll go with 3 matches 2 for the majority and 1 of the minorities. Example: 3 EU, 2 NA-West, 5 Na-East would result in: 2 NA-East and 1 EU.

Note: An update to the finals servers was made on June 6, 2019.

The scoring system is the following:


1 100
2 80
3 60
4 40
5 30
6 25
7 20
9 10
10 5

Each kill = 15 points


In case of a point tie, the winner will be determined by comparing the following statistics (in this order), until there is no longer a tie:

1) Total damage dealt

2) Total number of kills

3) Rank in the final match

Note: An update to the scoring and tie-breakers was made on October 31, 2018.


show director format

The Show Director will announce all global powers they use in the lobby with the players present, and also at least 30 seconds before use.

The following powers will not be used during the top 100: heal, warm up, speed up, expose & manhunt. During the last zone (as the second last one has fully closed). No global powers will be used anymore.

The following custom match settings should be used:

Scavengers mode, play compass, show director unleashed, player names on holomaps and spectator powers should be disabled/off/hidden. The player minimap, zone closing, electronics spawning and spectator betting should be enabled/automatic.

Note: An update to the show director format was made on June 6, 2019.



Contestants may be disqualified for any of the following:

  • Teaming
  • Using any hacks or cheats
  • Collusion (intentionally throwing the match to let another player win)
  • Violating the Code of Conduct



Players who participate in all of their matches will receive a participation prize of 50 Ramen.

The grand champion who wins the most points after three matches in the finals wins the Golden Eagle Helmet, which they will have for a month until the next Showdown. They will also receive the Gold Champion skin set, which they will have permanently.

The top 2 to 10 players in the final match will win the Silver Hawk Helmet, which they will have for a month until the next Showdown. They will also receive the Silver Champion skin set, which they will have permanently. If, by any chance, a player is disqualified due to a no-show during the final matches, they are not eligible to win the prize even if they made it to the top 10.

Prizes will be rewarded no later than 3 days after the event.


Scavengers Team