Patch Notes 1.11.2

Posted by Sam Quino - Community Developer

05 Jun

Hello inmates,

We’ve got another patch focused on gameplay tweaks and bug fixes coming up Thursday, June 7 on Steam. Expect maintenance from 11 AM EDT to 12 PM EDT. And if you’re hungry for fresh content, don’t worry―meatier updates are coming soon!

Xbox players: You can expect these changes as well as the patch 1.11.1 changes a bit later, along with the eagerly anticipated good news that we can’t wait to share. UPDATE: Patch 1.11.2, along with 1.11.1 and 1.12, is coming to Xbox One Friday, June 29. Maintenance will begin at 8:30 AM EDT / 12:30 PM UTC and is expected to last about one hour.

See you in the arena!

Scavengers Team

King Cold Shoulder and Icebreaker Prime sets coming to the Item Shop [Steam only]


You can purchase these items as a 5-piece weekly set that includes the Helmet, Shirt, Armor, Pants, and Boots starting Thursday, June 7 at 12:00 PM EDT. You want the King Cold Shoulder set if you play as the male character, and the Icebreaker Prime set if you play as the female character.

Keep an eye out for the Frozen Skull Bow (not pictured) and Frozen Trap Axe weapons in the daily section of the Shop throughout the week and beyond.


  • Decreased Tripwire stun duration from 3 seconds to 2 seconds
  • Made enemy Traps more difficult to spot when sprinting, and barely visible when running
    • Note: This does not undo the change made in patch 1.11.1 causing enemy Trap visibility to be determined by player movement state (standing, running, or sprinting). This tweak slightly reduces Trap opacity following community feedback reporting Traps having become too easy to see in most situations and thus less viable in combat.
  • After one minute spent in a forbidden zone, the cold meter will decrease at a faster rate
  • Taking damage from a Turret will now cancel any Trap the player is caught in
  • Reduced cost of Telepathy and Electro-mania Show Director Powers from 5 to 3 Action Points
  • The very end of the Axe swing animation will no longer block incoming Axe hits
  • Added a toggle for blood in the Options


  • Added sound effects for equipping and unequipping Show Director Powers
  • Updated sound effect for opening a Fan Gift
  • Updated sound effect for purchasing Ramen
  • Updated sound effect for exchanging Ramen for an item
  • Updated sound effect for purchasing an item pack
  • Added missing detail to the Samoan Smasher Armor
  • Fixed an issue that would remove the highlight from players under Blood Moon if they were hit by a Hunter Arrow, got caught in a Trap, or tracked as a result of an opponent’s Revenge Cloak
  • Fixed an issue with the Show Director level progress bar not correctly computing Fans received and Fans needed for the next level
  • Fixed an issue where new Show Director Powers would only become available after playing another game
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent the center zone Electronic from activating in Duo Mode, even when Electro-mania was used
  • Fixed an issue that would cancel the Arrow nocking animation when landing from an Axe jump attack
  • Fixed an issue where the Manhunt would be interrupted if the number of players fell below 4 after it was used