Patch Notes 1.16

Posted by Sam Quino - Community Developer

11 Oct

Hello inmates,

We’ve been busy preparing another meaty content update for October! Here’s what’s in store for Tuesday, October 16 on Steam and Xbox One. Expect maintenance to begin at 11:00 AM EDT / 3:00 PM UTC as usual.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to watch our latest Behind the Scenes video to understand why patch 1.16 doesn’t quite correspond to the roadmap we released in July.

See you in the arena!

Scavengers Team


OCtober 16 – November 13

The Death and Life of Roger D. Glanton is the first-ever Darwin Project Battle Pass! To learn more about why we decided to add this content and exactly what it entails, please read our dedicated blog post. For details about how the Battle Pass works, please head to the FAQ.

Playing this new Halloween-themed content will involve progressing through Tiers to unlock a variety of rewards, including 5 cosmetic item sets and even more ways to customize your character. For the first time, inmates will be able to collect fresh Haircuts and Cloaks, as well as an all-new category of items in the Dressing Room: Face Details. All rewards will be viewable from the Rewards tab in the new Battle Pass menu, but check out some of what you’ll be able to obtain below.

Pictured items:

  • Brown Stetson (Hat – Both Characters)
  • Robber Baron (Shirt and Pants – Male Character)
  • Frontier Killer (Shirt and Pants – Female Character)

Pictured items:

  • Plague Doctor (Hat – Both Characters)
  • Good Old Fashion Cyborg (Shirt and Pants – Both Characters)

Pictured items:

  • Copper Coal Mask (Hat – Both Characters)
  • Immortal Glanton (Shirt, Pants, and Boots – Both Characters)
  • Golden Axel Bow (Bow – Both Characters)
  • Golden Harvester (Axe – Both Characters)

In addition to new cosmetics, playing The Death and Life of Roger D. Glanton will unlock age-old documents that you’ll be able to piece together to learn about the bone-chilling fate of Roger D. Glanton, the Darwin Project founder. We’re very excited to be fleshing out the Darwin Project lore with this new tale, and we can’t wait for you to dive into it! Across the art, music, Challenges, and more, our team has worked very hard to bring you what we consider some of our most reinvigorating content yet.


The Death and Life of Roger D. Glanton will run from Tuesday, October 16 to Tuesday, November 13 on Steam and Xbox One.

Download new Glanton-themed wallpapers from our media page!


The birthplace of Roger D. Glanton, Gould City is a Victorian-era New England Tile with an autumnal atmosphere.

In Gould City, inmates can explore a large cathedral and fight on the streets among Victorian houses. Behind the cathedral is a spooky graveyard covered in fog. On the periphery of the city are farm settlements with cornfields, scarecrows, and farmhouses. Twin bridges lay across the frozen river and connect to an old part of town. For a spookier experience, explore Gould City at night with only the city lights to guide you!

While Gould City is thematically related to the Battle Pass, this new Tile is a permanent addition to Darwin Project, so inmates will still be able to enjoy it after November 13. We will add it to the bank of possible Tiles in the same way we did with On-The-Rocks Shipping Co, meaning it will be available to everyone immediately after the patch.



The sudden death radius will now become smaller and move around, challenging inmates to stay within its boundaries as they carry out the final fight of the match. We also changed the visual effects of the sudden death walls to improve visibility.

Previously, in the larger sudden death area inmates would play more cautiously, often trying to remain hidden and extending the match in a way that wasn’t very exciting for spectators. As the final showdown in a match, we wanted to make sudden death more spectacular. The solution we decided on makes for more exciting fights where navigation, Tools and Powers all become very important, and each decision can quickly lead to victory or defeat. We’re really proud of the result!



Some feedback we regularly receive from new players is that they expect their Arrows to fire from their Bow when they release the shoot button. We’ve made this new control scheme default for Darwin Project newcomers.

While current players may choose to stick with what we now call the “classic” Bow control scheme, we’ve added the option to switch to the shoot-on-release controls inside Gameplay Options.

Once Shoot on Button Release is enabled, two new options will become available in the Gameplay Options. The first is Enable Axe Attack on Cancel Aim, which makes the button to cancel a nocked Arrow (left mouse button for keyboard and mouse by default or right trigger for Xbox One) also swing the Axe when pressed. The second is Show Cancel Hint, which is on by default but allows inmates to hide the Cancel hint when the Bow is drawn.


  • Placed some jack-o’-lanterns throughout the map
    Developer comments: Something good might happen to inmates who harvest them…
  • Replaced lobby drones with pumpkins (please don’t destroy these; they’re worth 2999 Darwin Dollars a pop)
  • Changed the main menu music for a Halloween version of the Darwin Project theme
  • Changed the main menu background to Gould City


  • Significantly optimized various UI, audio, and environmental elements
    Developer comments: These might not sound like things that will improve performance, but we’re pretty confident that all players will see a better framerate consistency with patch 1.16. In particular, original Xbox One owners should see very significant improvements. As mentioned in the latest Behind the Scenes video, we’re keeping optimization at the top of our priority list so that everyone can enjoy a smooth experience in the arena as we continue adding content and improving existing features.


  • Show Directors will now gain Actions Points 20% faster
  • Leveling up as a Show Director will now grant a Fan Gift
    Developer comments: This will allow Show Directors to participate in the in-game  economy and wear earned cosmetics when they play as an inmate.
  • Added a double-tap roll option (with sensitivity slider)
    Developer comments: In response to player feedback, we’ve added a new way to use the roll. Enabling the double-tap in Gameplay Options will allow inmates to quickly press the movement key twice (or flick the joystick twice on Xbox) to execute a roll. Note that this will not replace the default roll input.
  • Improved navigation in the On-The-Rocks Shipping Co. Tile by reducing the size of some containers to make them reachable by jumping
  • Modified resource spread in the On-The-Rocks Shipping Co. Tile to be denser towards the center
  • Moved some pieces of broken wooden objects that were obstructing navigation in some cabins’ interiors.
  • Made Boomshrooms easier to hit from above
  • The stamina bar will now be displayed at the center of the screen at all times except when full
    Developer comments: This change is intended to help players better manage their stamina.


  • Added detail to the Glider
  • In the Gameplay Options, turning off blood will now also turn off the Beach Party visual effect where inmates appear naked
    Developer comments: This is a temporary measure while we work on replacing Beach Party’s implied nudity with swimsuits following player feedback.
  • Added a timer in the lobby to indicate when the match will automatically start
  • Reworked the Electronic activation visual effect
  • Northern lights are back in the sky during nighttime
    Developer comments: Well, this is embarrassing. It seems the northern lights mysteriously disappeared sometime during our Alpha or Beta tests without us realizing. We even optimized them in the last patch! Anyway, they’re back now.
  • Improved visual effect for antenna on top of cabins with Holomaps
  • Reduced Arrow trail visual effect duration
  • Updated the crosshair
  • Added bears
    Developer comments: We were inspired by the valorous community movement #addbearstodarwin



  • Reworked the Play button so it is now possible to start a match with a single click
  • Split mouse sensitivity into two sliders (mouse sensitivity and aim mouse sensitivity) in Mouse and Keyboard Options [Steam only]
  • Added an option to change matchmaking region in Gameplay Options (still available from the main menu as well)
  • Renamed Melee Attack to Axe Attack in Mouse and Keyboard as well as Controller Options
  • Renamed Camo to Invisibility
  • When entering a password to join a Private Match, the code will be displayed as asterisks
  • Accepting a friend invite while in a lobby will now bring the invited player back to the main menu
  • Prevented players from switching profiles when searching for a match [Xbox only]
  • Fixed an issue where the female character would not play the shooting animation when shooting an Arrow
  • Fixed an issue where Show Director Average Prestige would be negatively impacted when playing Private Matches
  • Fixed some issues where some resources would be under the ground or inside other objects, rendering them inaccessible
  • Fixed a Portal inside a cave in Summer Project Ruins Tile that was facing the wrong direction
  • Fixed an issue in the Shop where a 5-piece set of cosmetics in which all pieces were already owned would display “0 Ramen” instead of “Already Owned”
  • Fixed an issue where a match would not end if the last kill was made by a defeated player (such as with previously laid Traps or Turrets)
  • Fixed an issue where Official Rating would sometimes not correctly update when playing a Solo match right after playing a Duo match
  • Fixed an issue where the Y input to switch profiles would not display after matchmaking was cancelled [Xbox only]
  • Fixed an issue where the UI would not correctly adjust in the Daily Rehab Program when switching from controller to keyboard and mouse [Steam only]
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to navigate in the lobby or in a match with the controller before selecting an option when the report menu was opened
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to navigate in the lobby while the Playstyles pop-up was displayed
  • Fixed an issue where the Y input to show/hide password would not display when hosting a Private Match
  • Fixed an issue where no party was created when two players would both invite each other and accept [Steam only]
  • Fixed an issue where a player could remain frozen by an Ice Bolt when the player who launched the Ice Bolt died
  • Fixed an issue where the Canyon Tile reintroduced in patch 1.15 would not appear as often as the other Tiles
  • Fixed a collision issue with the crouch while rolling
  • Fixed an issue where your ally’s profile icon would appear as the default orange jumpsuit inmate when joining a party [Xbox only]
  • Fixed an issue where viewing profiles in the Career menu did not work correctly [Xbox only]