Patch Notes 1.20

Posted by Sam Quino - Community Developer

16 Apr

Special Event: Easter Egg Hunt

From April 16 to April 24, you will have to be on the lookout for Easter eggs scattered around the arena in public Solo and Duo matches. This limited time event will run right after maintenance until Wednesday, April 24, at 11:59 PM UTC. You can read more information about it in our previous blog post.


Medium Setting for AIs on Practice vs AI Mode

These new Artificial Inmates are more advanced than their predecessors, with more accurate attacks and dynamic movements in combat.



    • Increased Arena size by 80%

Developer comment: While the initial intention of the Arena was to be an offensive power to catch opponents and force them into combat, it has turned to be a very powerful defensive power as well with no real counter play. We are still working on a solution to make it work as originally intended. In the meantime, this change in the size should make it more balanced with the other powers.

    • Inmates now can’t carry more than 2 of each Consumable

Developer comment: Stacking Consumables has shown to be too valuable especially during the later parts of the matches. Capping its usage to two should decrease the impact they have on the outcome of a match.

    • Added a small delay before inmates can jump or swing their axe after a roll attack

Developer comment: This change should allow for more opportunities to counter roll attacks while preserving the satisfying movement fluidity.

    • Increased the characters’ size while using the Shrink by 10%

Developer comment: With patch 1.19 and the addition of directional axes, shrunk inmates have become very hard to hit with the Axe. This change should ensure more enjoyable fights against those tiny opponents.

  • Slightly increased the time window for parrying or deflecting
  • Improved the consistency of some Axe attacks
  • Inmates with equipped Armors now have floaters on their arms when the Beach Party power is activated
  • Improved deer behaviour
  • Ensured that the holographic maps in cabins no longer collide with the environment


  • Polished placement of lava particles
  • Added wind to the clothes on the clotheslines in Gould City Tile
  • Refined the visual effect for Axe trail
  • Refined the visual effect of Arrow trails
  • Refined visual effect of the impact of Arrows when hitting another player
  • The colored trails when players load Arrows added in Patch 1.19 are now also applied after the Arrows are released
  • Updated the timing of the visual effect for the Arena
  • Reworked the visual effect for parrying
  • Added an animation to the embers in burned textures
  • Replaced the deer model with a new one
  • Replaced the deer death animation with a new one
  • Updated the visual effect of the Turret laser


  • Updated the Show Director Deck Menu
  • Made small visual adjustments to the following:
    • Status bar and player icons
    • Name and bar above inmates’ head when viewing as a Spectator or Show Director
    • Challenges section in the Main Menu
    • News section in the Main Menu
    • Added a section for the Easter Egg Hunt collection (limited time only)









  • Optimized the visual effect for when an Electronic is activated in the arena
  • Optimized the visual effect of the mist
  • Optimized the visual effect of the Turret
  • Optimized the visual effect when an Armor is broken


  • Added Color Blind Mode option
  • Added Easter Egg collection leaderboards (limited time only)
  • Added Advanced Graphic option (Steam only)
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Arrows to not get released towards the reticle
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused stats to be incorrectly displayed on the End Game menu
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a duplicate sound when an armor was broken
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the axe trail to remain visible longer than intended when using invisibility
  • Fixed a bug to the female character that caused all visual effects to be less accurate than on the male
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some lights from being turned on at night in the Gould City Tile
  • Fixed a bug that caused the top of the church to light up at night in the Gould City Tile
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the voice chat to stop working until a Show Director would use Telepathy in Duos
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the voice chat to stop working after using the Play Again button
  • Fixed a bug where players could sometimes hear the voice chat while loading into a lobby
  • Fixed a bug that caused the female character to not have the same size than the male in the Dressing Room and the Shop
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the Radar to not detect Turret
  • Fixed a bug that caused the card of an activated Spectator Power to be duplicated in-game