Patch Notes 1.21

Posted by Scavengers Studio

29 Oct

Hello Inmates,

We are releasing patch 1.21 with the objective of fixing several bugs and preparing for the full release of Darwin Project this winter. There are no big gameplay changes in this one but several updates for both the backend and the UI. The intention of this patch is also to test the technical stability after those changes are implemented to ensure nothing will break at launch.

New main menu layout

The main menu gets a facelift! We reworked the navigation and the visuals on the main menu in order to support future additions to the game.

New dressing room and shop

You can now access all of the cosmetics from the dressing room! All the available items can be bought at any time. The previous shop is replaced with a tab called ‘Shop and Sales’ which will display some special offers from time to time.

Back end technical update

We are updating our backend systems to prepare for Darwin Project’s official launch this winter. This will help us to increase the backend stability. These changes also remove the current career profile, stats and leaderboards.


Spectator experience on Twitch

Darwin Project’s Twitch extension also gets a facelift! While implementing a new UI, we disabled Darwin Coins, Twitch leaderboards, Betting and Spectator Powers in order to prepare for the official Launch. Votes are the only interaction enabled…for now!


Despite saying we didn’t do major gameplay changes, we couldn’t resist making a few tweaks:

  • Updated side roll attack: we changed the animation and the collision for side roll attacks in order to remove the ‘whirlwind’ effect and get something more steady and clear. It now uses similar animations and collision than the front roll attack: a vertical top-down slice.
  • Removed Scavenger mode in custom match as it was the least used mode in the pre-set custom matches modes we released.
  • Replaced the ‘First win of the day’ bonus xp with the ‘First top 3 of the day’ bonus xp.
  • Arrows are now automatically picked up when walking on them