Deep in the Forge!

by | Jun 20, 2019 | Community

Dear Darwin Project Community,

A few weeks ago, we shared some Big News from the Arena with you, explaining how we will achieve our vision for Darwin Project and announcing the official launch planned for this Winter. With that being said, and after careful consideration, we have decided to go off the radar for a little while, and today we’ll discuss what brought us to that decision and what that means for the game and community.

Early Access has given us the opportunity to gather insightful feedback from you, our community, while we have continued development of the game. There are numerous new core gameplay featuressystems for the spectator experience, and quality of life improvements that we are scoping and developing for launch.

We appreciate everyone’s desire and excitement for news and additions to the game and can’t wait to deliver these to you. However, everything mentioned above is simply too early to share in any detail as it is all still in development. As with any game in Early Access, features will change, the game will evolve, and we believe we will be releasing a more polished, fun, and competitive game upon launch.

In order to achieve this, we have decided not to release any updates or communication which will allow us to fully develop, test, and polish before announcing them to the community. We are not setting a definite time for when we’ll start announcing content again. Darwin Project will launch this Winterexpect to hear from us before then, when we’ll be able to share all the wonderful additions and improvements in detail.

What can you expect in the meantime? Servers will remain online so you can continue hunting one another. We will do small updates for backend changes only but no new content until we are ready. Also, we are not fully satisfied with the current quality of the game to host official competitive events, and have decided to stop all official events such as Top 100 until further notice. However we will keep supporting community events with promotion and in-game rewards as we have done during the past few months.

We are very excited to move forward towards launch, and want to give all of you, Inmates and Show Directors, a huge thank you for your continued support, excitement, and loyalty. We want to deliver the best possible experience and have big plans for Darwin Project.

Talk with you all soon!

Scavengers Team