Big News from the Arena!

By Scavengers Studio - May 24 2019

Dear Darwin Project Community,

Following the first year anniversary of launching in Early Access, we recently shared with you our vision for Darwin Project: to spearhead innovative gameplay experiences that place the human interactions between players and spectators at its core. We worked on how to achieve this vision, looking for key elements which would allow us to combine dynamic gameplay, amazing art and host our unique features like the Show Director and Spectator Interactions.

With this vision before us, we are thrilled to announce today: Darwin Project will officially launch this winter!

As we work towards the full launch, we will change our patching process. Instead of patching at a fixed cadence, we will be focusing the bulk of our efforts on the full launch of Darwin Project. But we need your help. To help us realize this vision, we’ll be implementing a number of major changes to the core gameplay experience, as well as improvements to the UI, Custom Matches, Twitch Extension and more. When they’re ready to show, we’ll be releasing content previews for these upcoming changes in order to gather your valued feedback and make Darwin Project the best experience it can be this winter and beyond.

We want to open a dialog between you and us, the development team, to explain how and why we are making these changes. To do so we’ll make ourselves available via several channels, such as AMA threads and DevDiaries in which you’ll be able to ask us questions and share your feedback while we’re there to address them as quickly and openly as possible. You can expect exciting things to come and we can’t wait to give more details on these improvements soon.

We, once again, want to say Thank you all for your unwavering support– it means a lot to all of us at Scavengers Studio.

See you in the Arena!

Scavengers Team