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by | Nov 11, 2020 | Darwin Project, General

To Our Dear Darwin Project Community,

We come to you with a long-awaited message concerning the Darwin Project. Over the past few months, we have been quietly watching you continue to enter the arena time and time again. 

Since we have a player base to keep some of the regions open (but not all of them) we have decided to close four of the server regions on January 5, 2021. The remaining regions will be the EU (Frankfurt) and US East (N. Virginia). All players will still be able to play. There might be some lagging for users not in the geographic region of the server.

You may be asking, what does that mean for you as a player? 

You can keep on playing the game as it currently stands. There will still be no future updates or bug reporting. We will continue to reassess our player base moving forward, and if we see that it is not financially viable to keep these two remaining servers regions open, we will make sure to let the community know in a timely manner. We have created an FAQ for more information about this change.

Thank you all for your continued support. Now get back into the arena!

– Scavengers Studio Team

frequently asked questions

Why are only select server regions being shut down?

After monitoring the demand and use of the Darwin servers we noticed that a number of players are still enjoying the game on EU (Frankfurt) and US East (N. Virginia) servers.


Will all the server regions be shut down?

No, the following servers will be consolidated on 5 January 2021:  

– US West (N. California)

– South America (Sao Paulo)

– Asia Pacific (Singapore)

– Asia Pacific (Sydney)


The remaining regions will be: 

– EU (Frankfurt)

– US East (N. Virginia)

How will I report bugs or get assistance with the game? 

We are no longer developing new features or updating the game. You can still enjoy the Darwin Project while the servers remain open. We are no longer developing bug fixes. Exploiting any current bugs is considered cheating.


I won something during a tournament and never got it, what do I do? 

Please send us an email: including which platform you performed the tournament, and what is your username on that platform. We will then confirm it internally and come back to you in a timely manner with an answer. 


Will there be any future tournaments? 

There will be no tournaments due to the removal of support for the Darwin Project. You can continue to enjoy the game in its current state. 


Will the Scavengers’ Team restore classic mode or create a sequel for the Darwin Project? 

We are no longer updating the game. The game will stay in its current state. You can still enjoy the Darwin Project while the servers remain open. There are no plans to create a sequel for the Darwin Project. 


Will Scavengers Studio sell the Darwin Project IP?

We are not offering the IP for sale. 


Will the Darwin Project Discord stay open? 

We will continue to keep the discord open for the community to use. It is not actively monitored by members of the studio, and the opinions or discussions that happen there are not a reflection of the opinions or viewpoints of the studio. 


Will the social media platforms for the Darwin Project remain active? 

We will not deactivate the Darwin Project social media sites, rather it is placed into an archival stage. Any new questions surrounding the studio should be directed to the Scavengers Studio social media pages.

Note about the behaviour and voice chat   

As the toxic behaviour within the voice chat in the game does not align with our values of the studio and as individuals we do not support any of the topics or behaviour within the voice chat in the game. We ask that the use of the voice chat remains kind and for the purposes of gameplay only. 


What is Scavengers Studio working on now?

We have exciting new projects in the work. You can stay up to date by following us on social media. 

– Scavengers Studio Team