Competitive Season 1

by | Mar 4, 2020 | Community, Darwin Project, Events

Dear Darwin Project community,

As mentioned in our latest patch note (available here), we know that many of you are patiently waiting to see the addition of Stats Tracking as an incentive to play competitively. This is currently scheduled for this summer (ICYMI: our 2020 Roadmap is available here).

To explain why Stats Tracking will not be available until this summer:

Despite the stats and leaderboards being available during Early Access, we needed to rework them on several technical and design aspects in order to make them relevant for Darwin Project. The class system, the rework of the UI, and the fact that we added a new platform on which Darwin Project is now available, meant a significant amount of dev time. With the size of the team, we could not do it simultaneously with the Battle Pass and Duos mode. This is why, in order to produce something that would reach the quality we aim for, we decided to produce the Stats Tracking for this summer only.

what do we plan to do until then?


We want to work with several communities on each platform (PC, Xbox One and PS4) to build a full competitive path during what we call the first season of Darwin Project. Simultaneously with the Battle Pass, Game Changers, qualifiers organized and handled by different communities will take place. By the end of the Battle Pass, 20 players for each region on each platform will face each other in an official online event we will organize and manage.

We are pleased to announce the Final Championship.

what will it look like?



Players in every region and on each platform will be able to register for qualifiers taking place every two weeks, organized and managed by different fan communities we selected. The top 5 of each qualifier will be invited to participate in the Final Championship by the end of the season.

In order to ensure that all qualifiers are fair and share equal chances to qualify for the season final, we worked with competitive players to optimize the format.

Players will be able to register using a form and then seeded following their registration order. Three matches will follow, and depending on those results, the seed will evolve mixing players together. The goal is to make potential matchups impossible to anticipate, offer fair chances to every player and avoid stacks full of highly skilled players in the same matches. 

The 10 players finishing the 3 matches with the best results will then play a 3-match final. The top 5 players will be qualified for the Final Championship.

NOTE: Each community will organize specific qualifiers for each region as soon as 20 players (at the minimum) register for those regions. If a region doesn’t reach 20 registrations, the players will be merged with another region and those players will have to play all the matches on the hosting region servers. We might also cancel the Final Championship for a region if it fails at gathering enough players for all the Qualifiers. Winners of the previous Qualifiers will receive their reward for it but not for the Final Championship.

final championship:

We decided to bring to the Competitive Darwin Project a new format for the Final Championship: the Double Elimination. We felt that the players who reach this part of the competition would be considered the top competitive players and the Double Elimination format would fit well to give them additional chances for a comeback.

The top 5 of each 4 qualifiers will be mixed into two groups. Each group will play one match. Depending on their results, players will continue into the winner bracket or go into the loser bracket until the grand final. The grand final will consist of 3 matches.

what are the rewards?


for the qualifiers:

The 5 winners of each qualifier will be rewarded with 150 ramen and the wooden wolf crown helmet.


for the final championship:

The 9 finalists will be rewarded with 200 ramen and the almost champion set, without the old top 100 silver helmet and armor. They’ll get the silver hawk armor and helmet instead and they will keep them forever as the reward for the 1st competitive season. 

Finally, the winner will get 950 ramen, enough to purchase the future Battle Pass on Darwin Project, and the champion set, without the old top 100 gold helmet and armor. This player will get the golden eagle armor and helmet instead and he will keep it forever as the reward for winning the 1st competitive season.

how can i participate?

We will share on our social networks and Discord the form to register for each qualifier. All players are eligible to participate but will need to join the specific community Discord organizing the event in order to get the latest news and updates, the ruleset and participate.All communication regarding the organisation of each qualifier will be managed solely by the community organizing it.

Are not eligible to participate: 

  • Players who are banned from either the game, the official Discord or of the organizing communities. 
  • We reserve the right to disqualify from the Final Championship any player that might get banned from any of those even after qualifying. If we do so, we will invite another player to fill the empty spot.
  • Smurfs accounts are forbidden and players that might try to participate twice or more with smurfs account can be disqualified from both qualifiers and the Final Championship.
  • Players in a Qualifier or Final Championship in another region than their own if their own region is hosting Qualifiers and Final Championship.

We will communicate later on the exact list of communities organizing the qualifiers for each platform.  

For PC players only: Start now by registering for the first qualifier organized by Darwin Pro League (DPL) taking place this week-end, Saturday March 7th, by filling this form: REGISTER NOW!

Make sure to join their community Discord server by using this link:

For PS4 and XBox One players: You qualifiers will start next week. We will share the registration link and the community involved as soon as we can. In the meantime, stay tuned!

We hope you will enjoy this step towards the competitive community of the Arena and will be happy to participate in this first season in Darwin Project!

Register and spread the word, may the best inmate survive to fight another day.

– Scavengers Studio team