Upholdind the vision of Darwin Project

By Scavengers Studio - March 14 2019

Dear Darwin Project community,

On March 9th, 2019, we celebrated the one year anniversary of launching Darwin Project in Early Access. We’ve come a long way since then, from being a team of 2 to now a full independent studio comprised of 30 passionate developers. In that time, Darwin Project has evolved from the simple blueprint it once was to a complex game that offers dynamic gameplay, amazing art, and a host of unique features – most notably the Show Director and Spectator Interactions.

As we approach Darwin Project’s 4th year of development and plan for its impending release, we will be focusing our efforts on realizing our original vision: Darwin Project as the spearhead for innovative gameplay experiences that place the human interactions between players and spectators at its core. We envision Darwin Project as a game that brings the audience in on the action through our Spectator Interactions. We aim to push the boundaries of our beloved medium in an exciting and awesome direction. So whether you’re surviving the arena as an Inmate, Show Directing a live match or spectating a tournament, we want Darwin Project to be a game that players love to play and spectators love to watch.

In order to achieve this vision within our timeline, we’ll be dedicating our resources over the next few months too create a feature that creates an amazing experience for all audiences. Our goal is to set the bar when it comes to Spectator Experience. As a result, we’ll be postponing our upcoming patch drop to April. Following this, we will prioritize our efforts on preparing for launch by improving, balancing and polishing the game, all the while supporting and growing our community. You can expect exciting things to come and we will share more information about that soon.

To all of those who have continued to support us over the year, I’d like to say Thank You, on behalf of the whole team. Your support and belief in our vision has allowed us to grow, and we would have never come this far without you. We will continue to put the same passion and drive into Darwin Project and its community, and together make it thrive!