Win Exclusive Prints by Playing XBox One

By Scavengers Studio - May 14 2019

Hello inmates,

We are thrilled  to announce that you’ll be able to win exclusive prints made by our concept artist for Darwin Project through Von Coin!

Von Coin is available for Xbox One players only.

What is Von Coin?

Von Coin turns your achievements into Von Coins – which you can use to bid on everything from Xbox Elite controllers to limited edition art.

For all of  Darwin Project fans, this means you can get your hands on a limited edition run of the concept art for the game, printed on archival canvas.

Use this referral code – darwin – when signing up to enjoy 25% extra coins straight away. You can also boost your Von Coins by playing in the upcoming Darwin Project Von Sports tournament.

– Click here to download Von Coin – 

When are the auctions?

You’ll find a tab below showing all upcoming auctions. Remember that these auctions are up for a very limited time therefore make sure you tune in on time to bid on your favorite piece! So don’t miss them!

Date      Product
14/05/2019      Print 1
15/05/2019      Print 1
18/05/2019      Print 2
20/05/2019      Print 2
23/05/2019      Print 1
24/05/2019      Print 2
30/05/2019      Print 1
01/06/2019      Print 2
02/06/2019      TBD – most popular


                                                    Print 1                                                    Print 2

What is the Darwin Project Von Sports Tournament?

The Darwin Project Von Sports tournament will be a competitive event open to Von Coin users only. This event, in 4 knockout rounds, will take place on Saturday 1st June (two first rounds) and Sunday 2nd June (two final rounds). Add 5 VC to a common pot to participate and get the pot by winning the tournament.

You can find more information on the Darwin Project Von Sports tournament or about Von Coin on their Xbox app and website:

See you on the Arena!

Scavengers Team