senior level designer

what we are looking for

  • A senior level designer who has many years of experience (let’s say around 7 years) creating video games maps that embodies the creative, art, realization, design visions of the game.
  • An interactive storyteller who can craft in a game engine (our tool of choice is Unreal) compelling experiences that give the time, space, tools and agency to the players for them to create their own amazing stories in the worlds we craft.
  • An accomplished prototyper who can effectively use a variety of digital or physical tools to explore design or realization concepts or quickly validate an idea or a design.
  • A seasoned game developer who went through the full cycle of game development for either a AAA game, a narrative game or a game with innovative themes or mechanics.
  • An adaptable character who enjoys navigating the dynamic world of a startup; that is willing to take on new risks, welcome new challenges and can juggle the strategic with the minutia.
  • An aspiring individual who constantly looks forward to better themselves and encourages the same from the people around them.
  • A caring person who cherishes a positive and nurturing environment and that believes that the best of things comes from helping each other and working together.
  • A playful mind who likes new ideas and who believes that good ideas grow out of a heap of bad ones. 

If you are confident in some of those points (the first one is kind of a must) and are aspiring to the others,  please come and talk to us!

who we are

Founded in 2015 in Montreal, Scavengers Studio is an independent video game studio bringing together a diverse team of daring creators. The company launched their first game Darwin Project, 3 years later. The studio experienced a wind of change in 2019, as cofounder Amélie Lamarche became the chief executive officer, giving birth to their second project called Season. 

Designing and imagining all of the video games they produce, this multidisciplinary group aims to provide unique experiences to its players through unique worlds. Pushing aside conventions, the studio is a playground that stands out for its variety of perspectives, a place where challenge and collaboration are the basis of creation.

what we are doing 

We are currently building a game called Season.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and let yourself be carried away by the journey of Season, a third-person atmospheric adventure bicycle road trip game. The premise of Season is that you play a traveller recording the last moments of different cultures before they’re washed away. Through the eyes of a young woman leaving a secluded community, you explore the wider world for the first time.

apply through email

Please apply at by sending your resume, portfolio and any relevant materials.


During the COVID-19 period, we are a fully-online team with no central headquarters at this time. Our office is usually located at 3451 boul. Saint-Laurent, Montréal (QC).


  • Competitive salary
  • Benefits and vacation
  • Great work-life balance, we limit crunch as much as possible.


Please apply before September 3, 2021. If selected, the next step will be a video call interview.


This is a full-time permanent position.

additional information

Applicants must be authorized to work in Canada.

Scavengers Studio is an equal opportunity employer. We offer the same accessibility to employment without distinction of gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and age.