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DEI Policy

At Scavengers, we value diversity, equity and inclusion. This is why we created and adopted a new DEI policy built on the following three pillars.

Pillar 1

Enhance and expand diversity in our studio

As our studio is currently growing, we are constantly working to improve our recruitment policy by strengthening factors to increase diversity.

Pillar 2

Create a welcoming environment at the studio for people from diverse communities and invest in employee training.

Our management team’s convictions have led to the revamp of our HR policy and a greatly enriched skills development calendar.

Employees can take workshop-based training to get specific tools to improve their understanding of our environment, enhance diversity in our games, better understand biases and their impacts, develop social skills related to diversity, and more.

Our clear mechanisms encourage staff to speak up and give feedback through confidential meetings with our Diversity Manager.
We are constantly improving our action plan as a way to constantly build a respectful and inclusive environment.

Pillar 3

Promote diversity in our projects in terms of our content, development, and marketing campaigns.

As diversity is one of Scavengers’ core values and concerns, we believe that video games must also accurately reflect our society.
Since respectful representation is essential, we are currently working on a practical tool to naturally account for and promote diversity in our future games.