Our Story

Founded in 2015 in Montreal, Scavengers Studio is an independent video game studio bringing together a diverse team of passionate creators. In 2016, the studio's first video game, Darwin Project, launched in early access. In 2019, Amélie Lamarche became President and CEO and then named SEASON: A letter to the future as the studio's second major project.

The multidisciplinary team at Scavengers Studio pushes the limits in everything they design, develop and produce. They continue to provide special experiences for their players through unique universes and compelling stories. Pushing aside conventions, the studio is a playground that stands out for its variety of perspectives, a place where challenge and collaboration are the basis of creation.

Our Vision
"Find intuitive and impactful ways to participate in interactive entertainment"

We understand the value of strong ties that bring individuals and communities together. Thus, we aspire to drive innovative interactions by designing a new public entertainment experience.

We believe we can help transform our industry. At Scavengers, we are dedicated to being part of this change.

Our Mission

"Expand the access, the creation and enjoyment of interactive entertainment"

Using our talents to revolutionize technologies, we strive to offer meaningful experiences through intuitive design, making the video game industry more inclusive and accessible.

Through this transformational approach, we commit ourselves to be part of the movement that expands the interactive entertainment industry.

Our Values

"Create to inspire"

These values ​​summarize our essence and our positioning:

  • 01Always drive innovation
  • 02Remain accessible and inclusive
  • 03Promote and value collaboration