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Studio Policy

A policy promoting civility, prevention and resolution of conflicts and harassment situations at work

Scavengers Studio is committed to:

- Prevent soft skills issues (harassment, intimidation, uncivil acts) that could have an impact on relationships within our organization.
- Promote a healthy work climate by encouraging the denunciation of all forms of violence.
- Inform victims of conflict management and complaint handling mechanisms.
- Establish the different responsibilities of employees and managers.

Our policy applies to all employees and the self-employed. It applies to all incidents that are related to work:

- In the workplace or outside the usual workplace.
- During and outside normal working hours.
- During business trips, conferences, meetings, receptions, and social activities organized by our company.

Our Priority: Ensuring Safety and a Healthy Working Climate for Our Employees

The success of our projects and company depends on a high level of collaboration between team members. Scavengers Studio wishes to ensure a healthy work climate for its employees to ensure this collaboration between the studio members. Beyond the psychological and sexual harassment elements identified in the law, we want to raise awareness of uncivil behaviour and gestures that could turn into psychological harassment.

This policy is based on the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, which recognizes the right of every human being to equality, dignity and just and reasonable working conditions. Our policy is also in line with the Act respecting Labour Standards which specifies that any form of psychological or sexual harassment constitutes a violation of the fundamental rights of individuals.

Studio engagements

We stand with the many people who are coming forward with their experiences of harassment, belittling, exclusionary practices, bullying and inappropriate behaviour. We acknowledge the courage it takes to come forward and we thank them.
This behaviour must end and Scavengers Studio must proactively contribute to building a safe and inclusive creative milieu.
The video game industry must be more diverse and more inclusive, and built on respect for all people. Together we must undertake a thorough examination not only of individual behaviour but also of the structures that enable harmful practices and of the systemic barriers that deny people access to opportunities in the community.

Official statements

Following allegations about its workplace, Scavengers Studio communicated their plan for addressing and improving the environment.


With the adoption of its Policy promoting civility, the prevention and resolution of situations of conflict and harassment in the workplace and the establishment of an Ombuds service, Scavengers wishes to make a serious commitment to the prevention and management of tensions that may arise in the workplace. It therefore wishes to prevent the escalation of these tensions and thus prevent them from escalating into conflicts which could have a negative impact, both on the well-being of individuals and on the quality of their work. In fact, every member of the organization is important to the achievement of Scavengers Studio's mission, which requires collaboration, creativity and innovation. In order for these qualities to emerge, it becomes necessary for everyone to contribute to the development and maintenance of healthy and civil social and professional relationships. In order to support all members of its community in achieving this goal, Scavengers Studio provides them with an Ombuds service.