New Life City and other updates

by | Mar 24, 2020 | Darwin Project, Events, Patchnotes

Dear Darwin Project Community,

Our latest update is mostly containing some optimisation to increase the stability of the game on console while adding something brand new to it!

This week’s missions of Game Changers require you to hunt inmates using the HeadHunter Drone. Play in public matches, locate players using the HeadHunter Drone drone, hunt them down one by one. This quest can be done with any class.

The five quests of the week:

  • Deal 1000 damage with roll attacks.
  • Use 15 abilities.
  • Crouch on a Tank Cannon.
  • Kill 3 opponents who are equipped with the Headhunter Drone.
  • Trap 5 opponents (with Cage Trap, TripWire or Bear Trap)

See the rewards and learn more at the
Game Changers page

As you may notice, this week also requires you to crouch on a Tank Cannon. Those are available in the brand new tile we added to the game: New Life City. An urban sci-fi tile with high skyscrapers and tunnels in which verticality is important. Discover it now in the clip below and play in New Life City on PC, XBox One and PS4!

We also added an exclusive PlayStation®Plus offer for PS4 users subscribing to the PlayStation®Plus.This PlayStation®Plus exclusive pack contains a full set of cosmetic items styled after the elusive Blue Ninja.

This pack includes:
– Blue Ninja Outfit
– Blue Ninja Axe
– Blue Ninja Bow

To unlock it, make sure to subscribe to PlayStation®Plus and go to the Darwin Project Store Page either on your browser or on your PS4. This reward will appear under Add-Ons. (Note: You will lose this skin by unsubscribing to PlayStation®Plus)

Due to some technical issues, we are postponing Duo mode a little bit from our initial announcement. Duos will be available on PC/Steam on April 7th. We can expect a slight delay for both PS4 and Xbox One due to some technical difficulties regarding consoles but it should come in early April as well.

Since the beginning of the competitive season, two qualifiers for Steam occurred and one for both XBox One and PS4 as well. We are aware of some technical issues occurring on console and we are tackling the stability matter at the moment. We are also aware of some management hiccups and will make sure to improve those events to make them smoother for both the communities organizing them and the players participating.


Last but not least, we want to send lots of love to the entire Darwin Project community. In these difficult times it’s important to remain kind, compassionate and generous towards one another. Many challenges and difficult times lie ahead but our team is sending everyone love and positive thoughts. We are all in this together. Stay safe.

— Scavengers Studio team