Feb 03, 2023 | General

February 2023 Studio Statement

The studio has gone through an important organizational growth and these past two years have been an opportunity to reflect on our values and priorities together, following the challenges we encountered in early 2021.

Two years ago, we made a commitment to our employees and our community to create a healthy and respectful workplace, encouraging everyone to embody these values on a daily basis. We have worked toward this with determination and continue to do so. I want to express my gratitude for everyone in our community who cared deeply about the wellbeing of our team, and supported us through the past few years.

We found our way through and I am proud of what we were able to deliver this week. The team has put their heart and souls into this strange yet familiar meditative explorative experience. I hope you will enjoy it. We are looking forward to show you what comes next soon.

Amélie Lamarche, CEO and Co-Founder

Note: Simon Darveau left Scavengers Studio in early January 2023 and has not been working on Season since January 2021.

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